Episode 29: Friday Five With Tracey Mallet

“We Make Our Own Future, We Make Our Own Fate” Tracey Mallett

It was so fantastic to finally catch up with my fellow Brit Tracey Mallett. Even though we had been fitness friends for over two decades, we had never really sat down to discover how very similar our backgrounds were. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with the creator of Booty Barre, Tracey Mallett.

  1. How does social media impact your heart? Are you inspired and motivated or comparing and contrasting?
  1. How is your relationship with your diet and exercise? Are you at peace? Is there something you could change in your day-to-day choices or in the choices you make with the internal conversations you have, that would allow you to be kinder to yourself?
  1. Is there something that you excel at that can fill a gap in the hearts of those around you? Tracey talked about her niche filling a need. Perhaps your next step is already inside of you. What can you bring to the world to leave it a little better than when you entered?
  1. How is your stress level? The world will throw you a pebble a rock and then you run into a brick wall. How do you manage stress? Life is stressful but how do you manage life?
  1. Is there something from your past that you loved to do that you can do more of in the present? It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be something that you love and that allows you to drop into flow? That sweet spot where time disappears and your worries slide away.

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