Episode 27: Friday Five With Lisa Druxman

“Everyone Needs To Hold Their Well-Being Sacred” Lisa Druxman

I first met Lisa over 10 years ago at an IDEA Fitness Conference. When I looked her up recently I was both inspired and thrilled to see how quickly her company had expanded. Lisa brings so much wisdom and heart to all that she does and she is a big believer in keeping it real. Here are my five favorite takeaways from this week’s conversation with the founder of Fit 4 Mom Lisa Druxman.

  1. What makes you different? What makes you unique? Lisa talked about using her differences to make her stand out and create an impact of good in the world.  These are probably some of your biggest gifts in disguise. Is there some part of you that you have been hiding or pushing aside as it makes you feel as though you don’t fit in? What if the very thing that you thought needed to be hidden is the very thing that is going to make you stand out and make a difference?
  1. What are your MIT’s? Your Most Important Things? Lisa talked about her MIT’s – Most Important Things. In a world that can often move us into overwhelm and overdrive can you pause to reflect on what is important to you. Can you begin each morning by listing your top three MIT’s? These will be the priority for you and allows you to create a to-do list that short, powerful and in alignment with your values.
  1. Can you train Your brain to say “Yes And” to life? Lisa talked about how our brain can be our biggest asset or liability. Which thought is letting you down? What is your brain telling you – an untruth – that is stopping you from stepping into your greatness?
  1. Can you partner up with someone who fills your gaps? Lisa talked about the importance of delegating and surrounding ourselves with people who can fill in the gaps. Ideas die in isolation and thrive in collaboration, can you team up with someone who is a great balance to your skillset and work together to get your ideas and dreams out into the world.
  1. How is your checklist? 
    Did you fuel yourself today?
    Did you move today?
    Did you “be” today?
    Did you reflect today?
    Did you give today?

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