Episode 20: Jon Giswold Talks Fashion, Fitness and Kindness

“Don’t Be One In a Million, Be One In a Lifetime” Jon Giswold

What a treat to sit down with fitness expert and my dearest friend Jon Giswold. I have known Jon for almost as long as I have been teaching. We reminisce about how we first met at the New York Sports Club when I took one of my first step workshops in NYC over 25 years ago. I have learned so much from Jon over the years, and he shares so many beautiful words of wisdom in this episode.

Jon discusses his backstory of the fashion world and how he rose through the ranks and entered the high fashion market, which eventually led to him starting his own label. He candidly shares his spiral downwards into the world of disco and drugs and how it took him seeing himself in a mirror, after almost taking his own life that finally enabled him to get the help he desperately needed. It was a few days later he met the one and only Molly Fox and through their meeting and her kindness, Jon moved from fashion and into fitness and never looked back.

Jon talks about becoming a Chaplin and finding his purpose in being an empathetic listener. He shares how he has learned the skill of holding a safe space for those around him. Jon talks about the importance of creating an environment where everyone can fit in. He does this daily by living his life in the present moment and sharing his undivided presence with those around him.

Here is a picture of one of Jon’s beautiful blankets and in this episode, we talk about how it was Jon’s mother who taught him to knit back in the 60’s, and it wasn’t until the late 80’s that he took to knitting seriously. I am so glad he did because the blankets he makes are simply stunning.


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More About Jon

Fitness and lifestyle expert Jon Giswold, has been a leader in the fitness industry for over two decades. A best-selling author, fitness consultant and international master instructor/trainer, Jon has traveled the world pioneering new ideas and techniques, bringing these exciting group experiences to the masses. His experience has led him to become one of New York’s best personal fitness coaches and one of the New York’s most sought after gym consultants/designers.  His company JMG Management has outfitted luxury fitness amenities for some of the most prestigious real estate and urban development companies in New York City.  These include The Brodsky Organization, The Claret Group, Field Real Estate and more. Jon has developed programs for leading fitness companies Nautilus, Schwinn, BodyWedge 21 and Les Mills of New Zealand. His DVD programs are currently available on the PumpOne Fitness Builder App, offering subscribers a variety of his original signature classes for the iPad and iPhone.

Jon’s previous career in fashion has led him into the field of interiors with a concise collection of handmade blankets and throws under his own label, MADE BY HAND by Jon Giswold.  These modern heirlooms are part of a growing trend toward old world craft but with a modern aesthetic.
On a personal note, Jon has been on a personal quest for truth and awareness through training as a Prayer Chaplain and attending The School of Practical Philosophy in New York City.

Mentioned In The Show

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Jon Dancing on Dance Fever (not to be missed – even though it’s fuzzy)

This conversation was recorded in Jon’s NYC apartment, and so please enjoy the sounds of NYC who just wanted to be a part of the conversation.

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