Episode 15: Friday Five With Greg Sellar

“Don’t Wait! Do Amazing Things Now”Greg Sellar

I love the fact that through technology I could have this week’s conversation with Greg Sellar. He was in Australia, and it was a Tuesday morning – while I was here in NYC on a Monday night.

Both Greg and I have a passion for Neuroscience and Positive Psychology and practically geeked out – yes I said geeked out for a couple of hours the last time we saw each other in person and discovered we both has this mutual love of learning on these topics. Here are my five favorite takeaways and self-reflections from this week’s conversation with fitness expert and status quo hacker – Greg Sellar

  1. What Is Your Big Word? Greg talked about the work he did with Matt Church and the idea of your big word – for now, mine is happiness, while Greg’s was performance. What is your big word? A word that is a through line for how you want to live your life, contribute to the world and move forward this year?
  1. What is one thing that you can turn your attention to hack into a happier and more productive you? Greg talked about the idea of Hacking Your Life to move forward with purpose and passion. What is something that you need to hack? Is it your mindset, your time management, your fitness program?
  1. What is something that you excel in that you could spread out into other parts of your life to increase your level of joy? We sometimes get stuck in a life that is no longer in alignment with our values. Greg talked about your intellectual property your IP. What are some things that you bring to your daily life, your strengths and assets that could carry over into another job? Can you use this skill to strengthen your relationships or even improve your inner dialog and self-care?
  1. Do You Have a Fixed or Growth mindset? Greg mentioned the work of Carol Dweck, and we both agreed that even when you think you have it dialed in, that smaller fixed mindset can creep into the driver’s seat of life, especially when we are not paying attention. Take a moment and pause and ask yourself “Am I focusing on the possibilities of life or on all of the challenges?” Don’t judge the answer – simply notice. If the answer is not the one you want – take a deep slow inhale, and a deep slow exhale then softly say, “For this moment I am grateful” – then rinse lather and repeat.
  1. Where Are You Coasting? Greg talked about burning the Status Quo. I love that phrase, Burn the Status Quo. Is there an area of your life that you have not tended to, been coasting in or even neglected recently? What is one thing you can do to burn up the status quo in your day to day activities and use that fire fuel that to give you traction and forward momentum towards your goals and dreams?

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