Episode 14: Hacking The Status Quo With Greg Sellar

“Look For The Song Beneath The Words” Greg Sellar

I love this conversation with Greg Sellar as recently, we both have taken the deep dive into Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. He teaches everything that I believe in and I am excited to share the path that Greg is taking with you today. Greg shares how he began his fitness career by following his sister out of the gym at his local Football Club (think Soccer) and into the aerobics studio next door. He was bored by the old school hydraulic equipment and was drawn in by the disco tunes (think Sylvester) playing next door.

We both reminisce about the amazing presenters that came out of Australia. Lexie Williams, Cathy Spencer and Rebecca Small to name a few. It was the incredible Marcus Irwin, who to this day I still think is one of the top 5 fitness presenters of all time, who encouraged Greg to move to the UK to expand his career.

We discuss how often we pigeonhole ourselves into one career and sometimes cannot see beyond what we are currently doing. Greg talks about how the skills that we apply only to one area of our life, can move into many other areas of the world, but first, we have to define what our strengths are and what our message is.

Greg openly shares the struggles he had when he moved back to Australia after seventeen years away. We talk about the dangers of playing the comparison game, how sometimes it is necessary to say yes before you are ready, the power of asking for help and how to hack your status quo.

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More About Greg

Greg’s not sure what happened when he turned 40. It wasn’t a mid-life crisis, because there was no crisis, he just thought, “enough”. He’d had enough knowing that the upcoming year was going to be a carbon copy of the last. He knew his life was good, but he wanted phenomenal. If the next 40 years were going to be different, his cage needed some serious rattling.
Everyone accused him of always sitting on the fence. He had thoughts – good, bad and ugly – but kept them to himself at the risk of rocking the boat, being confrontational, or god forbid, disliked. He ended up doing stuff he didn’t like, with people he tolerated for money, and usually less money than he deserved. He worked for other people despite the word ‘boss’ never resonating, never imagining someone else ruling his time and effort. He was happy to work with people, but working for them left him feeling bigger stages awaited. The idea of a commute, offices and rules seemed to be written for people who were happy to accept them. That’s not him.

Greg worked in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years, presenting to more than half a million people in 55 countries on behalf of companies and sponsors including Nike. Regardless of his achievements, he had recurring questions about what life was going to be like for him at 50, or even 60 and beyond. Would he be doing the same thing, and if not, what would his future look like?

In the spirit of “enough”, he hacked his status quo. He literally turned his life upside down. After moving back to Sydney following 17 years in London, Greg studied coaching, leadership and mentoring, focusing on neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP. He took everything he had learnt from his work, travels and the extraordinary people he’d met and decided to act.

His speaking, workshops, coaching and products are the result. No more saying yes to please others, no more beating around the bush, and definitely no more under-valuing his experience. He’s truth telling as he understands it – compulsively, immediately and repeatedly.

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