Episode 12: Getting Lost To Find Yourself With Lisa Condie

“When I Could Forgive Myself, I Could Forgive Other People” Lisa Condie

Lisa was one of the first people to ever hire me to come and present a workshop at her facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. To this day I am grateful for her belief in my work before I had ever appeared in a VHS or DVD. It was wonderful to sit with Lisa after all these years, and catch up with her and learn about the journey that took her from Utah to Italy.

Lisa shares all her experiences and life lessons in her new book, I Found Myself In Tuscany. 

Lisa shares how after a break-up she went to Italy for a vacation with her daughter, and it was in a split second as she was returning to the United States and decided she would be back – but next time not as a tourist. She went home and sold everything, and with just two suitcases she made her way back to learn the language, learn the traditions and learn who she was. Lisa shares how she managed to strengthen her courage and learn to live without a safety net and fell in love with her life.

Lisa got lost in Italy and found herself.

Lisa shares so many wonderful stories including how she almost became part of a movie while simply trying to find her favorite gelato.

We talk about courage, and Lisa talks about how she reframes courage into, “soul speak” and discusses how she learned how to slow down, get quiet enough to hear her soul whisper to her.

Lisa discusses how it was a moment at a coffee shop in Rome when her soul spoke for the first time. “You need to come back to Italy” it whispered.  A year later in Cortona, her soul spoke up again and said that she needed to come back, but this time share her experiences with other women who had a longing to find passion and purpose in their lives.

Lisa loves being able to share the magic of Italy with other like-minded women. In this episode, Lisa shares the backstory of what it took to go from dreaming about creating a travel experience for women to turning her dream into reality.

On August 4th 2014 here life changed as she kicked off the 4th hour of the Today show with Kathy Lee and Hoda. Overnight her small tours became a well-known brand and her entire life changed once again. Lisa shares how important it was to begin to manage her time, and as with many of my guests she reveals her morning rituals that enable her to be the best that she can be.

As we wrap up the conversation, we discuss signs and winks from the Universe. I believe signs show up when we seek the good things in life. Appreciate the good and the good will appreciate.

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More About Lisa

Lisa is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, now living in Florence, Italy. While raising two children, she enjoyed a career in the fitness industry that spanned 32 years. In August of 2012, she sold her home and most of what was in it, left her business, retired her aerobic shoes, said goodbye to friends and family and headed for Tuscany.

Lisa owns Find Yourself In Tuscany, a luxury tour company, and is the author of I Found Myself In Tuscany, a memoir of her first three years in Italy.

Featured on the Today Show, Lisa was named one of Huffington Post’s ’50 Over 50′, a risk taker who had changed her life for the better. Lisa welcomes groups of women to Tuscany, serves as a travel expert and consultant. Daily and richly, Lisa lives a life that is beyond her wildest dreams! She is a seeker of joy and a believer in serendipity.

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