Episode 10: Elaine Lalanne on the Youth Serum of Positivity

Elaine Lalanne is a sparkling, vivacious, motivational public speaker, known and loved by thousands for her warmth, and spontaneity, and personal inspiration to others toward a greater joy of living. Even at 96 her appearances are vital, dynamic and life changing to people of all ages. She stimulates, motivates and educates!

Since her early days as a television pioneer, and host in 1948, Elaine has lit up screens all over America. She was also an integral part of her husband Jack LaLanne’s television programs, speaking, and other public engagements.

Her unique insight towards nutrition and staying in good physical condition is the reason Elaine commonly becomes a recurring guest at many places where she speaks.

At 96 she still hasn’t slowed down and can still do full body push ups. 

Elaine LaLanne, she looks young, she acts young, and inspires her audience to be young at any age! With infectious excitement, she paints a picture of the “YOU” that you want to be.

Early in 2022 Elaine will be releasing her latest book that she co-authored with Greg Justice: Pride and Discipline: The Legacy of Jack Lalanne.

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