Episode 105: Staying Centered, Creating Community and Moving Forward

Staying Centered, Creating Community and Moving Forward

So the show notes today are the resources that are helping me get through these unprecedented and challenging times and I hope they help you too.

How To Stay Updated Without The Overwhelm

The New York Times is offering free updates on the virus and you can find them here:

Books on Creating More Revenue Streams and How To Make A Change

Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark

Pivot by Jenny Blake

Free books by Matt Church


Insight Timer 

Petra’s Favorite TV Show

Schitt’s Creek

Petra’s Positivity Playlist

Get Up And Dance

Community Building

Jon Giswold 

Trina Gray 

Finding People To Help You With Your Business



Jenny Blake and Podcasting

10 Lessons In Three Years of Podcasting – The Pivot Podcast Episode 100 

Connect with my awesome podcast editor: James Ede of Be Heard Now who offers a free trial episode for new clients.

 Previous Podcast Episodes That May Be Helpful

 Chantal Broderick 

Shannon Fable

Fantastic Podcast by Chalene Johnson on Creating Revenue Today

Be well, be safe and I will be here as long as need be to share strategies and ideas to help you not only recover but come out on the other side stronger than before.