Episode 103: Closing The Confidence Gap

Confidence is Trusting That You Will Show Up for Yourself

Show Notes

In this solo episode I walk you through a few of the steps that I take my clients through when working with them around the feelings of confidence. A few of the highlight takeaways are:

  1. Know your strengths and write them down on a post it note or index card. Place the cards and notes where you can see them throughout the day. These reminders will help you remember all the gifts that you already have inside of you
  2. Stop looking outside of yourself for answers
  3. When talking to yourself always treat yourself as you would treat those you love
  4. Begin your day with anticipation and end the day with gratitude

The challenging thing is that we have to act confidently before we feel and believe in our own confidence. And to act more confidently we need to focus on our strengths versus our gaps.

The Five Reasons That People Often Lack Confidence Are:

  1. Setting expectations too high
  2. Self judgement
  3. The Fear of failure
  4. Lack of experience
  5. Lack of a skill

The Circle of Confidence happens when:

  1. We assess the areas we need to strengthen
  2. We do the work and begin to practice
  3. We stop after a few days or week to assess
  4. We modify our actions – keeping what is working and tweaking what could be done differently to get us closer to our goals
  5. We repeat

The difference between those that so and those that don’t has very little to do with talent and a lot to do with the belief that we will show up for ourselves, without judging ourselves and simply doing the best we can each and everyday.

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