Soulful Speaker. Energetic Educator. Action Activator.

Soulful Speaker. Movement Motivator. Energetic Educator.

What I do and What I believe.

How happy do you want your company to be? Did you know statistically, happy companies triple their return on assets compared to others that do not focus on employee “happiness satisfaction”? Studies show increased productivity and soaring profits when you put happiness first and bottom line second.

Welcome, I’m Petra Kolber and I move companies, audiences, teams, and people just like you and me, from happy, to happier, to happiest. In other words, I raise happiness and revenue, one keynote at a time!

Do you want greater success and higher ROI? Do you want to be known as the happiest company around? Then make someone happy today!

Think of happiness as interval training for the ups and downs of work and life and me as your faithfully committed courage coach for change!

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Closing The Gap Between The Life You Live and A Life You Love!

The Path to a Flourishing and Joy Filled Life

Through proven techniques using positive psychology and my own experience of over 30 years as a fitness expert, I have created programs and talks that tune into the positive, dial-down the negative and turn up the level of happiness and productivity in everyone!

My keynotes and courses teach people and companies how to flourish and thrive. Together we collaborate to elevate the level of well-being, communication, and productivity both in work and in life.

By reframing the focus, redefining the failures and refueling the passion, I teach strategies that lead to a flourishing and joy-filled life.

I’m someone who has had my fair share of unexpected twists and turns in my own personal journey. As a two-time cancer survivor, I am here to gently remind you to seek the extra ordinary in the most ordinary of days. Side by side, we will dial down the negative self-talk, turn up the heart and hustle, focus on your vision and create a life of passion and purpose through mindset and movement.

Let’s begin the journey today!




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