When Fear Oversteps Her Boundaries

Fear is an interesting teacher. She wants to protect us but she often oversteps her boundaries.

If we step away, dodge or dance with fear, we will never be able to step into the life that meets our longing.

Fear is a very uncomfortable friend – we often see her as an enemy but when we pause just long enough to listen to the thought that created the fuel for our fear to take root, we will be able to make peace with the unknown, embrace our insecurities, and keep walking toward a life that will leave a trail that we can be proud of.

Fear is simply a message from our heart, a notification that we tapped into our greatest desires, a reminder that there is still much life to be explored, and a warning that your life is still waiting for you.

Fear is not the problem – it never is – the problem only arises when we neglect to listen to the false narrative that planted the seeds of doubt.

Those seeds, when watered by social media and the highlight reel of others, can – if we are not careful allow our dreams to rot away.

Dear friend – what is it that you are afraid of ?

These are a few of my things:

  • Not being liked
  • What people think of me
  • Of being judged

BUT the thing I am most afraid of – is not dealing with these fake fears I just listed, and letting my dreams die so I can fit into the life that others expect of me.

So dear friend, I invite you to join me.

Together we can slowly and carefully dip our toes into the waters of courage.

I will be here for you as you begin to move away from living a life built on the expectations of others, and learn what it feels like to create a life of your own making, a life that is fueled by hope and possibility.

Here is to the first step.

Keep walking my friend.