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The Perfection Detox Podcast is a weekly show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door. Each Tuesday a new interview with a fantastic guest is released. They share their journey which always includes both their highlight reel AND their backstory.

The following Friday I drop a mini episode called the Friday Five. Five minutes, in which I share five tips and strategies from that week’s interview, designed to help you move inspiration into action.

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The show will be on hiatus through the summer (book deadline). I will back with a brand new season, along with amazing guests, beginning September 5th. Until then please catch up on all the goodness from the existing library.


Episode 51: Friday Five With Dorie Clark

“What Are You Already Known For?” Dorie Clark What are people coming to you for? What are you known for? Dorie reminds us that we all have inherent skills, but we often spend time focusing on our gaps instead of our strengths. When people think of you what would come to mind? Can you create a product or an extension...
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Episode 50: Dorie Clark On Finding The Entrepreneur Within You

“Create Opportunities For The Best Ideas To Win” Dorie Clark As I pivot away from fitness as my main source of income and into writing and speaking Dorie Clark has been a huge mentor, and I am excited to share with you her wisdom and expertise in this show.  She shares so many useful tips and strategies on how to finally make...
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Episode 49: Friday Five With Lisa Wheeler

“Look At Every Open Door As A Possibility” Lisa Wheeler 1.Lisa talks about the importance of being your true self when connecting with your audience – she shared six things to think about when differentiating yourself in this very noisy world of social media. Authenticity is key– know your values and know your strengthKey into where your authentic self shines...
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Episode 48: Lisa Wheeler on Mentorship, Leadership & Friendship

“On The Way Up Be Sure To Grab Someone’s Hand And Take Them With You” Lisa Wheeler What a wonderful treat to sit and chat with my dearest friend Lisa Wheeler. It was hard to cover three decades in fifty minutes but I know you will learn so much form this episode. We begin by going back in the history...
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Episode 47: Friday Five With Maria Sirois

“Crisis Moments Allow Us To Get Clear On What Is Important To Us” Maria Sirois   Maria shares her thoughts on how to get thorough times of suffering and this is how she invites us to find anchors that will allow us to stay afloat when we feel untethered and uncertain. If you are going through a challenging time can...
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Episode 46: Maria Sirois On Hope, Resilience and Grace

“The Goodness In Life Is Available To Us As Is The Darkness” Maria Sirois This weeks conversation with Maria Sirois, who is the author of Happiness After Loss was like talking to a truth whisperer. I first came across Maria through her soul-filled TEDx talk called Living An Authentic Life and you can watch it here: Get you pen and paper ready as...
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Episode 45: Friday Five With Sheryl O’Loughlin

“Have Bold Humility” Sheryl O’Loughlin Sheryl shared how we all will have moments where life will eat us up. It is in the challenging times where we realize we are not alone and that we will make it. She invites us to navigate through the more difficult times by breathing into the moment and moving through it step by step...
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Episode 44: Sheryl O’Loughlin: A REBBL With A Cause

“What we need to understand is the ups and downs so we can kind of hack our way through the branches of the dark to stay in the light” Sheryl O’Loughlin What a privilege and pleasure to talk with Sheryl O’Loughlin. A candid interview where Sheryl shares both her highlights and the struggles. We begin talking about her history with Clif...
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Episode 43: Friday Five With Keli Roberts

“Find Your Spirit” Keli Roberts Is there something in your life that you are passionate about, a place where all feels well and good with the world? Keli talks about her passion and how cycling felt good for her soul.  If you have a passion project can you carve out more time to make sure it is always a part...
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Episode 42: Keli Roberts On Finding The Light After The Dark

“Do What Speaks To Your Soul” Keli Roberts In this deeply authentic interview, we begin by how Keli Roberts got her start in fitness and how her career blew up overnight when she became the fitness expert in the Cher VHS fitness workout: We go back into the memory books talking about the era of Voight Fitness, and Keli’s mentors Candice Copeland...
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