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The Perfection Detox Podcast is a weekly show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door. Each Tuesday a new interview with a fantastic guest is released. They share their journey which always includes both their highlight reel AND their backstory.

The following Friday I drop a mini episode called the Friday Five. Five minutes, in which I share five tips and strategies from that week’s interview, designed to help you move inspiration into action.

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Episode 25: Friday Five With Jen Groover

“When You Commit Something To The Universe, The Universe Will Conspire To Align” Jen Groover Jen Groover is a non-stop source of inspiration and motivation and in this week’s conversation, she provided so many solid action steps that anyone at any time can implement into their life. Whether you are a teacher, mother, entrepreneur or have a yearning to put...
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Episode 24: Jen Groover on Curiosity, Creativity & Potential

“We Are Often Playing Small To Our Own Potential” Jen Groover From her earliest memories of being tied to her chair as a young girl by “Sister Elizabeth” for being too curious, Jen Groover she knew she was intrigued by conversation and networking. In college, Jen studied education and psychology. During that time she expanded and shifted her approach to...
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Episode 23: Friday Five With Cathe Friedrich

“You Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Get To The Next Level” Cathe Friedrich Cathe has over thirty years of experience and success in the fitness industry. With her wealth of knowledge, it was hard to pick just five tips from our conversation this week. Here are my five favorites that I think will be wonderful reminders...
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Episode 22: Cathe Friedrich on Step & Strength and Heart & Hustle

“When You Give Goodness, Goodness Comes Back” Cathe Friedrich What a treat to finally get time to sit down and connect with the incredible Cathe Friedrich. I have been a fan of Cathe’s for as long as I can remember, but it was about 5 years ago that we connected in person for the first time. We dive right in...
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Episode 21: Friday Five With Jon Giswold

“Live Your Life So That It Is Not A Once Upon A Time Story, But Is A Time That Happened Once” Jon Giswold Jon and I go back over 30 years and he is truly one in a million. He was my idol when I first began teaching, became my mentor for several years and now is my best friend...
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Episode 20: Jon Giswold Talks Fashion, Fitness and Kindness

“Don’t Be One In a Million, Be One In a Lifetime” Jon Giswold What a treat to sit down with fitness expert and my dearest friend Jon Giswold. I have known Jon for almost as long as I have been teaching. We reminisce about how we first met at the New York Sports Club when I took one of my...
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Episode 19: Friday Five With Melanie Smith

“We are born to be enormous, vibrant and illuminated” Melanie Smith It was so lovely to sit down with my dear friend Melanie Smith. Through her work as an award-winning actress, as the creator and owner of the award-winning yoga studio Yogaphoria, and in her work a coach who specializes in grief loss and recovery, she brought so much wisdom...
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Episode 18: Melanie Smith: On Love, Loss, Growth & “Shrinkage”

“I approach life as though I don’t know anything, and so let’s start learning something” Melanie Smith This episode was recorded at Melanie’s NYC apartment. Please enjoy the ambient sound of the Big Apple. Melanie Smith is one of my dearest friends and this episode begins with us sharing how we remember first meeting. It was at Kripalu during our yearlong...
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Episode 17: Friday 5 With Jeremy Newman

“ With every word I speak I have a responsibility” Jeremy Newman What a conversation I had with Jeremy Newman. I left that interview inspired, grateful and with a new determination to appreciate the good in every moment. Here are my five favorite takeaways and self-reflections from this week’s conversation with inspirational speaker, gratitude seeker and champion for possibility Jeremy...
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Episode 16: Jeremy Newman On How Death Saved His Life!

“Speak Into Existence, What You Want In Your Life” Jeremy Newman Probably one of the most joyous and grateful people I know. Let Jeremy lift you up and remind you of the extra-ordinary in the most ordinary of days. From being a Hollywood personal trainer to being in a wheelchair, you will be both inspired and uplifted by his story....
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