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The Perfection Detox Podcast is a twice monthly show where I share inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with thought leaders, change agents and the everyday hero next door. Every other Tuesday a new interview with a fantastic guest is released. They share their journey which always includes both their highlight reel AND their backstory.

The Friday after the full interview, I drop a mini episode called the Friday Five. Five minutes, in which I share five tips and strategies from that week’s conversation, designed to help you move inspiration into action.

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Episode 65: Friday Five With Joy Prouty

“Stop, Listen, Feel Your Life” Joy Prouty Joy talked about the importance of always learning. She believes it keeps us young, it keeps as curious, and keeps us engaged in life. As you know recently I have begun to study how to be a DJ. As frustrating as it sometimes can be, it keeps me in the moment, in flow...
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Episode 64: Joy Prouty On Dancing Through Life

“It Was Love At First Step” Joy Prouty We recorded this on Valentine’s Day at the Zumba headquarters in Florida. Please enjoy the background atmosphere at no extra charge:) What a privilege to grab an hour with my mentor and fitness icon Joy Prouty. In this episode Joy gives me a history lesson in fitness. I begin the conversation reflecting...
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Episode 63: Friday Five With Dr. Kerry Burnight

“Aging Well is about Enjoying What Is, Instead of Focusing on What Was” Dr. Kerry Burnight It’s time to diversify your social portfolio: I loved this idea of not only diversifying our finances, as we get older but also our friendships. Dr. Burnight encourages us to make sure we have a circle of friends that include people who are younger than...
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Episode 62: Dr. Kerry Burnight on Living and Aging Brilliantly

“To Age Brilliantly Diversify Your Social Portfolio” Dr. Kerry Burnight This interview is one that we all need to listen to. Whether you are in the early stages of contemplating how you want to live your life as you move into your second stage, or whether you have a parents who are now in their later years, Dr. Kerry Burnight...
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Episode 61: Friday Five With Mindy And Bruce Mylrea

“When You Know Your Why, The How Is Easier To Implement” Mindy and Bruce Mylrea Fill the cracks and the gaps. Mindy saw a need in fitness and then created a methodology to fill the need. There is a huge leap of faith that is taken when a person steps into the white powder, the snow or the path that has...
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Episode 60: Mindy and Bruce Mylrea On How Cancer Created Their Calling

” Don’t Wait, Do It Now! None Of Us Know What Tomorrow Holds” Mindy and Bruce Mylrea To say this couple is an inspiration is an understatement. Today I talk with Mindy and Bruce Mylrea about what it takes to be a couple who are living everything they are teaching. There are few I know, who walk their talk as...
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Episode 59: Friday Five With Jill Miller

“I Am More Than My Hip” Jill Miller Can you stop being at battle with your body? Both Jill and I have struggled with body dysmorphia, and the idea that a good or bad day was defined by what we ate or how much we worked out. With the holidays already here and New Year just around the corner, we...
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Episode 58: Jill Miller On Being A Roll Model

“Don’t Be At Battle With Your Body” Jill Miller What an honor to speak with longtime industry leader Jill Miller. In this conversation Jill shares her backstory of being overweight as a young child. She has experienced the bullying that comes along with not being a part of the “in” crowd, and talks about the pain that came with not...
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Episode 57: Friday Five With Maureen Hagan

“It’s Never Too Late To Become A Better Version Of Yourself” Mo Hagan Mo talks about the importance of knowing her why and it is her why that keeps her inspired day after day, month after month year after year. I believe that passion keeps our inspiration tank full and that our passion and our why do not need to...
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Episode 56: Mo Hagan And Women Who Influence

“Learn As You Earn” Mo Hagan Mo is truly a powerhouse in the industry of fitness and female leadership. In this episode she shares the many moments and magic that have happened throughout her career. After three decades in the industry Mo reveals what it is that keeps her going day in and day out.  She shares that it is...
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